Cornerstone Committee


In 2008, a small group of St. Matthew Parishioners decided they wanted to begin planning for the future of the Parish and the eventual construction of a permanent Church, and so a sub-Committee of the Parish Finance Committee was born in November 2008. This group was initially called the Building Fund Sub-Committee and set as its first activity a Parish Registration Campaign in early 2009, which was coupled with a slide show presentation at all the Masses showing the history of St. Matthew Parish since its formation in 1992.

Periodic meetings were held throughout 2009 as the group worked to get organized and energized while coming up with various ideas of how to progress. In early 2010 the Sub-Committee was formalized, with a charter and organizational structure, and planning began in earnest for various fund-raising activities.  Contests were held to give the Sub-Committee a more appropriate name and logo in 2011.  In mid-2011 the Cornerstone Committee was selected as its name, and by August 2011 we also had our current Cornerstone logo. Decisions were also made to hold some key fund-raising activities such as a Giant Craft & Tag Sale, Golf Tournament, and Casino Night, all of which have now become “cornerstone” activities which are held annually.  Although several of the fund-raising activities of the Committee are still being held, the Committee meetings are currently on hiatus.

Many other fund-raising ideas and programs have been considered and tried, with some remaining and others being less successful and dropped.

IMG_0863-Casino Night2

IMG_0706-Cornerstone Tag Sale2