St. Ann’s Ministry

In 2011, the newly elected President of St. Matthew CCW wanted to do something for the needy and homeless. Contact was made with Sister Carleen at St. Ann’s Place in West Palm Beach. After meeting with Sister and determining what her needs were, our St. Ann’s Ministry began, and continues to the present day.

We began by making 200 peanut and butter sandwiches monthly, and we have now grown to two teams of ladies who make 100 sandwiches weekly, supplemented by Fr. Clem’s homemade cookies. We deliver them every week to West Palm Beach where they are distributed to the needy. We also prepare two hot meals in the MCB kitchen and bring them to St. Ann’s Place twice a year, as a special treat. Collections of wash clothes, towels, toiletries, hoodees, blankets, hats, gloves and undershirts are also taken to St. Ann’s for those who are in need.

This Ministry is very uplifting to all who give of their time. If you care to help out in any way, call the Parish office and give them your name as a volunteer.

St Ann's Ministry